Our Response

In the Bible, we see that the life of every church has some common characteristics. As a church, we believe our whole lives, as individuals and as a community, are to be lived in response to the good news of Jesus in these 5 dynamic, grace-based ways: word, worship, community, witness, and renewal.


We are people who love the Bible, God's Word. Together, we study the Bible and seek to have our lives shaped by what God has said.


We worship Jesus as we gather on Sundays, share life in community groups through the week, on our own as disciples, and with our whole lives as missionaries sent by Jesus.


Church is more than a place you go or a weekly meeting, it is a people. Our lives are shaped in community as we love, encourage, serve, and care for each other, displaying the effects of the Gospel in every day life.


We are carriers of the good news of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus has saved us from ourselves, we want to tell other people who Jesus is and what He has done.


We love the people of Seattle and want to see this city renewed. We get to serve and love the city in acts of mercy and justice together as a foretaste of Jesus' restorative work.