What is a Pastor/Elder?

We use the terms pastor and elder synonymously. The pastors of a church are to lead the community of faith as servants that love and serve the local church. We understand the role of the pastors is to lead from within and along with the congregation and, as members of the church, it is the job of the pastors to serve the community by leading from Jesus’ word in preaching, teaching, and discipleship, equipping the church for the work of the ministry. We believe that a biblical model of eldership is one in which the pastors of the church, regardless of role or staff possition, have equal authority in the service of the communtiy and that a church is to be lead by a plurality (multiple) of elders. Our elder team is structured to always have a majority of the elders be non-paid leaders. 

For further reading see:

Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership by Alexander Strauch

Elders in Congregational Life by Phil A. Newton 

Our Pastors

Joe Filbrun - Community Pastor & Chairman of the Elders

Joe serves Anchor by overseeing membership, community groups, and the organization of the elder team. You can contact Joe at

Andrew Pack - Preaching Pastor

Andrew serves the church by leading Anchor’s efforts in discipleship, gospel growth, and biblical training and as our primary preacher. Andrew received a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theology Studies from Western Seminary in Portland, OR.  You can contact Andrew at