Anchor Church is an an intentionally simple church. Our hope is to keep our focus on worshiping Jesus and telling people about Him. 

Sunday Gathering

On Sundays the people of Anchor Church meet at the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club at 11am. During our time together we preach the Gospel and respond to the word of God by singing and praying to Jesus, giving of our tithes and offerings, and taking communion together. Read more »

Anchor Communites

In response to Jesus, we are called to love the other members of our church, other Christians, and our neighbors. Our communities are one of the ways that Anchor creates intentional space to serve and care for each other and invite our friends, neighbors, and co-workers to spend time with Jesus’ people. Read more »

Biblical Training

The aim of Biblical Training at Anchor is to cultivate a church full of people who give of themseves to help others follow Jesus. Read more »


Praying to God, thorough The Spirit, in the name of Jesus is one of the single most imporant things we do as a church.  We go out of our way as a church to make prayer a part of how we live. Read more »