It is our joy to be Jesus’ people and to do life together and as a community we seek to organize our church around the Gospel of Jesus and biblical principles.  As a church we believe the best way to understand New Testament church structure is what is called Elder Lead Congregationalism. This means that the pastors (we use the word elder and pastor as synonyms) are a group of servant hearted men appointed from within the congregation, who lead the congregation with the active affirmation from the church. As a result, we see it as critical to have regular, open member meetings, and for the elders to to seek affirmation of the other members of the church in the appointment and dismissal of elders, deacons, and members, changes to our statement of faith, and in large scale logistical decisions that affect the body (such as moving meeting locations, etc). Ultimately, we believe the whole church is responsible for the whole church.

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