Jesus. Gospel. Seattle.


Jesus made us free.  Jesus came to save us from ourselves and give us life. Jesus, the Son of God, is the center of human and cosmic history. Everything God wanted to say to the world, he said in the person of Jesus. Jesus, the one who created everything and who holds everything together, was born into human history, taking on flesh and blood, fully man and yet fully God. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life, died a bloody death on the cross, and rose victoriously from the dead, defeating sin, Satan, and death. He rose bodily from the grave, victorious over death and the powers of darkness, and for 40 days he appeared to more than 500 witnesses, performing many convincing proofs of His resurrection. He ascended into heaven where, at God’s right hand, He intercedes for his people and rules as Lord over all. 


Jesus saves sinners, from death to life. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus came to save sinful humanity from ourselves and put an end to the separation that we have made between ourselves and God by our rebellion. God is holy and we are not. We have rebelled against God by choosing to disobey and disbelieve the God who created us. But God loved us so much that he sent His Son, Jesus, to live a perfect, sinless life and die a rebel's death on the cross in our place to satisfy the wrath of God that we deserve. Jesus resurrected from death to reconcile us to God. His completed work is a gift, available to anyone who would turn from sin to worship Jesus and be saved. Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and humanity. He is the only one that can reconcile us to God and save us from ourselves and our sin to a life of knowing and loving God.


We have been sent by Jesus to proclaim His Gospel to the people of Seattle. We're Seattlites who love our city and want to see it renewed by Jesus and His Gospel. This means our lives are simultaneously ordinary and radically different. Ordinary because we share many of the same joys, challenges, aspirations, struggles, and dreams as our neighbors. Radically different because our lives belong to Jesus, who has saved us from our sin. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we want our friends and neighbors to know Jesus and have their lives transformed by his love.